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New Patients


You're in great hands

We make sure all our new patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of. During your first visit, we will discuss your health concerns and have the opportunity to assess the underlying conditions leading to your current situation, perform a physical examination, and let you know what to expect when returning for future treatments. As part of your initial appointment we will have a conversation that includes your medical history, social history and any other areas that inform treatment planning. This is MindBodySpirit medicine and our conversation will reflect a 360 degree view of you in entirety.

For diagnosis, I will also conduct a physical exam which will include palpation of your arms, legs and abdomen. We will look at movement and flexibility as well. It is helpful if you are wearing clothes that are comfortable for you and where I can easily access your arms, legs and abdomen. Work clothes are completely appropriate and on days where you have acupuncture treatments it is helpful to avoid stockings, tights and dresses. If you do need to remove an article of clothing for treatment, I will provide sheets for you to ensure appropriate draping.

For a shorter time in the waiting room, please fill out the New Patient Form and bring it to us for your first visit.


In addition to cash, check, or credit card payments at the time of service, I am also a health insurance provider for the following plans: BLUECROSS BLUESHIELD, CIGNA, and  AETNA.

In order for me to accept your insurance as payment, the following conditions must be met:

1. Please send me your Insurance information in advance of the first appointment so I can check your benefits before you arrive.  I will need your Date of Birth and front and back of your insurance card.

2. At the time of the first appointment, you must sign the agreement with my office that you will pay any funds the insurance will not pay. This includes any copay due at time of service.

3. The insurance plan must cover acupuncture as specialist care for the conditions you are being seen for, and any deductible must be met. If you require a referral or preauthorization, you must have made those arrangements in advance.

Accepted Insurance:

  • Aetna (all plans)
  • BCBS (all plans)
  • Cigna (all plans)

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